Vision Motion

Track and graph the motion of anything.

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A new way to record motion.

Computer vision continuously and automatically locates a selected object from a camera feed.
All you need to do is calibrate your camera, pick your object, and press record.

Visualize and analyze.

The graphing tool shows your horizontal and vertical motion in two graphs.
You can view position, velocity, and acceleration, or find a line or curve of best fit.

Credits to PhilJay for their powerful chart library!

Powerful access to your data.

Download your data as a CSV directly to your phone.
Firebase allows you to connect your google account and automatically upload all recorded data to the cloud.
View this data anytime from any device.


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This project is brought to you by William Qin.
Github: WilliamLQin
Linkedin: williamqin

Special thanks to Mr. Fong, Nekhil Nagia, Austin Luu, and Jason Hong in bringing this project to life!